Wrapping up September

A gorgeous start to October, here’s the view on the way to the office. I heard Neil Robertson (formerly of Open Gardens Australia) suggest recently that the ideal garden is deciduous trees and Euphorbia!  I think he is on to something.  Here is the view on the way to my office at the bottom of the garden.Elias at Home St

Another busy start to September and I think we have finally started hit Spring.    Have been working on several interesting projects.  There has been a subdivision in Reservoir with a new courtyard garden.  We planted Crepe Myrtles and Liriopes.  Here’s Elias at the end of a hard day, having had a ‘conversation’ with the fence and a turf cutter.  The turf cutter won, unfortunately.  Not to worry it all ended well.  The garden will in time create a nice backdrop to the existing outdoor area.  The crepe myrtle, ‘Zuni’ will reach 3mt, so the canopy should spread from about the fence height up  to another metre or so, creating an enclosed garden without the risk or hassle of larger trees.  The mature bark will contrast nicely against the fence panels, and of course the Liriopes are a great filler , particulary planted on mass.  Perfect for understorey planting, check out Michael Greens work at Studley Park Boathouse.

While we were out north, had the opportunity to revisit Vista Grove that was planted out back in February.  Crepe Myrtles are looking good (there may be a theme happening here…), with an understorey of the client’s Cliveas that we divided and replanted into the new courtyard.

Clivea at Vista Grove