Inner City Courtyard with Charm

In 2018 we were charged with creating a courtyard sanctuary in inner city Melbourne where our clients could sit and watch the passing parade but still have privacy. As their apartment was small the courtyard needed to be designed to function as an outdoor room as well as a garden.

Working with the clients we designed a beautiful green space utilising bluestone paving for the flooring and Lilly Pilly’s to create a living screen between their property and the neighbours.  The original hedge that ran along the front fence was unattractive, gnarly and did not offer privacy due to its poor condition. After tip pruning, fertilising and installing a drip irrigation system that supplied water directly to the root zone it returned to its former glory! We installed a floating bench seat along the back of the hedge. This could be used for private relaxation or seating for a larger group when our clients are hosting friends and the weather was conducive to entertaining.

The clients requested a simple green, full, lush garden layered top to bottom.

  • For ground cover we utilised, Gardenia, Lambs Ear, Violets and Sedum Autumn Joy.Blog
  • Mid level plants we used Fuchsia, Hydrangea, Winter Iris and New Zealand Rock Lilly.
  • Top tier we planted Japanese Windflower, Azalea Alba and a Port Wine Magnolia.

We suggested they add a water feature to offset the city noise which we sourced from Kelloch Pots and Planters in Seaford,

We integrated lighting to illuminate paths for security and safety as well creating depth. Good lighting also allowed for our clients to utilise the space at night.