A penthouse garden with style

This job presented Kate our head designer with a blank canvas. A new build with amazing views!

James Street

We used custom steel planter boxes and pots against the balcony walls to create different zones on the terrace. The distinct areas were for entertaining and relaxing for our clients, their 3 young adult children and the family cat.  Taking into account the hot coastal winds and the fact that the site was very exposed (roof top terrace) , we used large, planter boxes to reduce the amount and speed of evaporation. A gardening rule of thumb is the more soil mass the slower it will dry out.  We also installed a fully automatic irrigation system from Sunshower to the deck planters, pots from Kellock Pots and Planters and the vegetable garden.

The planters were filled with a wide range of plants and trees. Azalea, Sedum, Lavender, Coastal Correa and Seaside daisy. Herbs included Oregano, Thyme and Rosemary. Succulents including, Jade plant, Jelly bean and Aeonium ‘Schwarzkopf’ add diversity to the design. Lemon and Lime Citrus dwarf cultivars, Lilly Pilly, Crepe Myrtle and Portuguese Laurel trees add height and drama.

We were able to create a stylish, uncluttered, garden that complimented the contemporary architecture of the building. Our clients requested a design that incorporated the impressive views across to the city. Our design utilised the views to maximum effect, while still creating screening for a prominent unattractive circa 70s building and the direct views to a neighbouring apartment on the west side. James Street Windsor

When creating the different zones the outlook of the rooms within the apartment were taken into consideration so that all had a garden view. Casual sitting areas were created for the teenagers bedrooms and the office. The end section was left more open for a workout space. And the final zone has the vegetable garden.

The results were spectacular and the clients were thrilled with the results!

James Street Winsor