Kick a ball. A quiet place to take in the morning. Take in the afternoon. Lay on the lawn. BBQ in the afternoon. Be with family. Hang out with friends. Somewhere for the dog to play. The kids to play. A trampoline. Have a vegie patch. Park a bike or two. Hang out the washing. Find room for a shed. Chooks. Be in. Look out to. Enjoy. We’ll help you with your backyard garden design ideas.

Your backyard may need all or only some of these, but it does need to look good. Make the most of your space by having it professionally designed from the start.

At Small Spaces we like a challenge. We work on the tightest of small spaces, and some not so small. We know how to fit all the functional pieces into a space and make a garden that you can enjoy.

What’s your style? Do you like straight lines? Curves? Everything in order. Organic and naturalistic. We will listen to you, we hear what you say. If you want a garden, to garden in, we will work with you. If you want it to look good with low maintenance, we hear you.

Or anywhere in between.

Our gardens are bespoke, designed for the space, designed for you.

Your backyard is an investment. Like all renovations, it starts with good preparation. That means good design. We design it right the first time. Right for you and for your space. Together we’ll come up with a great backyard garden design, to suit you.

It all starts with a conversation, you can book us for a consultation and get some ideas, or we can take your project from start to finish.

Contact us and let’s talk.

Melbourne Backyard garden design ideas to suit you.
Backyard garden design ideas that we come up with together, in Melbourne

Small Spaces, creating beautiful gardens all around Melbourne.

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