Let there be light. Let there also be a view to a garden.

At Small Spaces Garden Design, we like a small garden and a light well is just that. A small garden.

A garden to look at. Aged and textured. Crisp and clean. Moving and flowing with the seasons. Room for a jungle. A statement pot with plant or water.

Drop a big pot in and that’s it? It can be but we like to mix it up. Add some texture, take your eye on a journey through the space.

Texture comes from the materials. Paving. Walls. Stone. Wood. Pots. A bench to prop on or pop the watering can on. And, the plants.

Step stones that move your eye through the garden or take you to a seat, immersed in your own secret garden.

Pots with plants overflowing, trailing over stones. Climbing up the wall, hiding the drainpipe. A snip of green from the kitchen window.

A walled garden, to sit in or look to.

Our gardens are bespoke, designed for the space, designed for you.

Your light well garden is centre stage, moving from one room to the next or a nice distraction at your desk. Make your light well a garden.

Like all renovations, it starts with good preparation. That means good design. We design it right the first time. Right for you and for your space.

It all starts with a conversation, you can book us for a consultation and get some ideas, or we can take your project from start to finish.

Contact us and let’s talk.

light well garden design by small spaces in Melbourne
light well garden design by small spaces in Melbourne

Small Spaces, creating beautiful gardens all around Melbourne.

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