Unusual. Different. You keep looking for ideas to copy, inspiration on Pinterest, Houzz, Instagram, magazines, websites…. you go down a rabbit hole in search of what will be just the right fit for your small space garden renovation.

It may be a snippet of a space. Not quite a courtyard, not your front garden. Definitely not the back yard. It is your space, maybe your only outdoor space. Make it a garden.

At Small Spaces we like a challenge. We work on the tightest of small spaces, and some not so small. We know how to make your space a garden.

Somewhere to sit. Look to. Enjoy.

Our gardens are bespoke, designed for the space, designed for you.

Your space is an investment. Like all renovations, it starts with good preparation. That means good design. We design it right the first time. Right for you and for your space.

It all starts with a conversation, you can book us for a consultation and get some ideas, or we can take your project from start to finish. Come chat with us about your garden renovation.

Contact us and let’s talk.

Garden renovation with Small Spaces in Melbourne

At Small Spaces we like a challenge. We work on the smallest of front gardens, terrace houses with a patch of garden next to the path, and sprawling gardens with room for a path to wander along. We know how to make the most of your space, hide the functional bits and create a garden. A garden renovation, with Small Spaces, will bring out the best in your garden.

Small Spaces, creating beautiful gardens all around Melbourne.

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