A balcony garden is somewhere to sit. Look out to. Be in. Be with family. With friends. Grow some vegies. A herb plot. Storage.

What’s your view? Do you need to screen the view? Keep the view and create a green bridge to the sky, the city, the Church spire or the tree that is just beyond your railing.

Your balcony may be the essence of a small space, a postage stamp, or a sprawling terrace, or something in between. It needs to look good. Make the most of your space by having it professionally designed from the start.

At Small Spaces we like a challenge. We work on the smallest of balconies, where you poke your head out the door and find the air conditioner, and, sprawling terraces. We know how to make the most of the space, hide the functional bits and create a garden.

What’s your style? Modern and streamlined. Quirky and rustic.

We look at your space. We listen to you. What is important to you.

There are so many options to make your space into a garden. Create some depth with shape and colour. Look beyond the odd pot. Use tall planters with plants to trail over. Create a canopy with a big pot and a small tree. Create a garden.

Book us for a consultation and we will show you what is possible in your space.

Your balcony garden is an investment. It should be designed. It all starts with a conversation, talk to us.

Your balcony garden is an investment in Melbourne
Balcony garden renovations can make it a thing of beauty for all Melbourne homes.

Small Spaces, creating beautiful gardens all around Melbourne.

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