A little oasis in Richmond

We created this garden in Autumn in 2019 and have just been back to check on progress.

It’s a typical small courtyard for Richmond. Definitely inner city views with the neigbour’s all tucked in close together. Our brief was to create a nice garden to sit and enjoy. Soften the boundaries and make use of the weeping birch that was the main attraction.

The bluestone steppers create a wide expanse of paving, and the Dichondra growing up in the gaps softens the overall look, so the paving becomes part of the garden. There is a mirror behind the corten panel that reflects light back into the space and through the Birch, giving just a hint of a bigger space.

Of course it’s a small space so when we are the screening the fence line, bamboo is our friend. Once again we have used a mix of clumping bamboo’s from Red Cloud Bamboo. These create some soft vertical lines, greening up the fence line, and as these are clumpers, are not going to escape from the garden.

The garden uses the borrowed view of the very tall green wall across the fence. A different take on a borrowed landscape!