Garden Consultation during lockdown

During COVID 19, Small Spaces is still operating and we are keen to help out with advice on your garden. You can still start the design process while we are in lockdown.  We can arrange a garden consultation on line, and walk through your garden remotely.  

It is as simple as a text or email with photo’s or a video or your space. And then chat over Face Time or Messenger, or whatever app your using to keep in touch with the world.

We will arrange for you to send through some info on your space, plus your pic’s and let you know if we need anything else prior to your consultation. Then we can make the most of the time looking through your space.

If it’s your balcony.  We can talk through options for pots and planters, advice on how to mix it up so you go beyond a pot or two.  Tuck in some green under the window, maybe some nice tall planters along the balustrade with something trailing over.  A range of plants that will cope in your space, whether it’s morning or afternoon sun and windy.

Your courtyard we can step out some rough measurements, come up with a layout, talk about screening and enhancing the view.

Front garden, if it’s a single or double front in inner Melbourne, we can easily get a sense of your space.  And, knowing Melbourne gardens so well, we know what plants work where.

So, let’s talk about the options for your space and start designing your garden. Here’s what to expect;

  • 30 minute garden consultation
  • follow up email with summary of all that we have discussed
  • $150 GST inclusive

If you are in lock down in Melbourne, make the most of the time and work on something nice, book a garden consultation.

Contact us to arrange a time.

garden consultation