Corten Steel Planters Boxes

small balcony
Balcony Garden in Melbourne

Corten steel planter boxes are functional, sustainable and enhance the aesthetics of a well designed small garden space. Planter boxes create scale, height, shape and drama.

Corten steel is the common name for weathering steele which is designed to develop a thin layer of rust that acts as a protective coating. The patina that Corten steel acquires as it ages works beautifully with wood, stone, grasses, concretes and of course plants and trees.

Small Spaces love the variations of texture and the fact that planter boxes can be designed and built to bespoke dimensions for all spaces. The patina of bronze, rust and copper hues it develops as it ages compliment both naturalistic and architectural designs.

Both low maintenance and longevity are major benefits of using Corten Steele in the garden. It should be left unfinished – Not painted or waxed as it is corrosion resistant and develops character as it ages. If damaged or scratched the material will soon smooth over to cover the visible marks. The rust serves as a protective coating.

When working in a small space such as courtyards, patios & rooftops the Steele planters can create statement pieces that will really draw the eye and enhance the aesthetic contrast of the garden design by adding height, shape and structure to an area with limited space.

Here at Small Spaces we can incorporate a corten steel element into your garden design. The possibilities are almost endless!