Rethinking Concrete in Coburg

This project in Coburg was completed by the Small Spaces team in Summer 2019. Our clients wanted help with establishing the “bones” of their garden. They have a keen interest in perennial gardening and the brief was we create the underlying structure for them to build on. 

We designed a smart layout that was striking and functional. Kate (Small Spaces head designer) suggested a curved garden wall that would create a border for garden beds as well as raised seating. This seating could be used when hosting friends and family alfresco. The retaining walls and raised beds can pull double duty if they are at seating height and softened with cushions or a folded blanket. Perfect for entertaining.

The curved wall also added extra dimensions to the overall aesthetics of the space. Creating structure and interesting lines.

Clean lines bring an orderly feel to the garden. The use of flowing organic curves was used to soften awkward angles and the severity of the concrete. We think the outcome was excellent.

The curved line of the garden wall was continued at ground level to create a semi enclosed area for the clothesline as well as a herb and vegie garden, with a second sitting area.

A concrete wall is rotproof, rustproof and fireproof and, if built correctly, will last for decades. An environmentally friendly option as it is made from natural materials, such as clay and limestone, in many are locally sourced.

Random paving stones with open ground covers and herbs were used to create stunning pathways through the garden and along the side of the house.

We painted the fences “monument grey” to create drama and a perfect backdrop to amplify the colours of the flowers in the raised garden beds, and contrast the grey of the concrete and paving stones.