We were in West Brunswick last week, preparing a front garden for renovation, and had the opportunity to revisit a garden I had worked on a couple of years ago.  A back garden for a young and growing family, complete with chooks and dog.

Fruit Trees in back garden before work started
FBack Garden level 1

Fruit Trees and strawberry patch

Back garden view, during landscape works

 It was delightful to have a look at Jen & Roy’s garden.  They had requested a plan to work off, that they could then implement themselves.  Lots of hard work for them but the plan gave them a design to work to.  The orginal brief was for a practical garden that would give their growing family a safe place to play, of course it also had to be dog friendly, allow for fruit trees, a small vegetable garden and chooks.  And, a man shed!  When I first visited it was almost a clean canvas to work from, 3 fruit trees that had been planted a few years ago, and , an existing 2nd tier that divided the space in two.  It made more sense to work with the two levels as they were.

The outcome –  a child friendly play area, with dappled shade, surrounded by an easily maintained garden bed, complete with transplanted fruit trees and strawberry patch.  The kids just pick the strawberries straight from the garden. Good stuff!  The second tier is now screened by the fruit trees and some low evergreen hedges, choisya and rosemary. It has been fenced off with woven wire and  decorative garden gates.  This level is essentially full sun, allowing for the original hills hoist to do it’s work, and a vegie garden that I suspect may get bigger as the children do.  The fence allows for the dog to be contained to either level, the chooks to free range (not with the dog!) and of course there is the shed