Courtyard in Port Melbourne

This courtyard has had a really simple makeover, the space is essentially a car park with a little bit of garden to the side.  We have managed to squeeze a little more.  There was an existing concrete tiled base, we’ve cut this back so it now only covers the car parking space.  Up the side of this were large pavers and pebbles so we continued this around what I’m calling the garden.  The reo mesh screens have advanced Chinese Star Jasmine, which when it covers will divide and screen the car park from the rest of the courtyard.  The 2 screens are staggered to create some depth and make the most of the  side area for a small tank veggie garden.

So, in this small space we have; green views from the house and deck, off street IMG_2008car park, veggie garden, screened utility area (bins & clothesline), and, a sunny spot to sit and take in the fresh bay air in Port Melbourne.