Back to work

We’re back at work for 2015.  Starting off with a roof garden that needs a major renovation.   It’s a great spot in Carlton with views out over the east and north of the Melbourne skyline.  Close up we can take a peak a Carlton, Fitzroy and Brunswick, and in the distance The Dandenong Ranges.

There are a few issues with this garden.  From a construction point of view, the waterproof membrane has failed. So we have been called in to remove the existing soil which will allow a new membrane to be installed.  After this, it will be down to replacing soil with a good substrate suitable for the circumstances.  This terrace is on the 4th floor, so the garden is very exposed, we need a lightweight soil mix with good water holding capacity.

Then onto the plant’s, our client’s preference is for Victorian coastal and dry tolerant species, which will be appropriate for the conditions. These will naturally be prostrate (grow low) due to the exposure.  However, we will still be considering which views we want to open up, and which spaces we can afford to have some slightly higher planting.  Once the planter boxes are completed, we’ll be turning our attention to what edibles we can grow on this roof top terrace.