Vegie Box ready for planting

This is a friends apple crate that we delivered a little while ago.  It has been waiting for a busy summer to fade away to autumn and now it’s ready for planting.   What to do?

Garden box all ready for veggies .. Thanks Kath and garden gnome assistant
Nice. What are you putting in. We haven’t done ours yet.

Not sure, I googled autumn veggie planting and only got beans coriander and spinach. Maybe our online garden expert has other suggestions ?
Brocolli, beans red onions leeks spring onions, broad bean seeds are really easy, perpetual spinach is good for picking winter green leaf ?
Could do berries along the back
 So not too early for broccoli? What sort of berries where? Back fence?
Actually broccoli is over summer but can still go in. Could do raspberries on support frame, mesh or bamboo expanding trellis. Run on west side so it doesn’t shade the bed
Ohhhh I get it …. Nice one ??

Birds will love the berries ?
Yeah … Was thinking that. Would I have to net them?
Definitely but just drape it over.
Apple crates make a great vegetable bed, perfect height, no bending so easy to access for all bod’s. And, it’s portable, so if you really wanted to move it around, or move it when you move out, it is possible.   There is plenty of room to grow veg for 2-3 people in a small garden.  You can pop it in a small courtyard and it looks great.