Townhouse Courtyard Melbourne

This townhouse courtyard in Melbourne had some great framework.

The raised beds not only dictated the layout but also needed some significant repairs.  Once this was complete we just had to create some depth on the boundaries; with screening and mesh, and, then finish it off with new plantings.

We started working on this garden in Spring and have just been back for the first Autumn maintenance. The garden is still quite new but already has lots of new growth.

The native clematis is beginning to cover the mesh screens, there is a productive herb garden which hangs over the barbecue, just where it’s needed.

Our client tells me it’s added a room to their home, and the cubby house sits a treat in the back corner with prime views overlooking the courtyard.

CharlesStBEFORE - 1
CharlesStjustplanted - 1
just planted
CharlesStAut16 - 1
6 months on

CharlesStAut16side - 1

CharlesStcubby - 1 (1)