Planters in small spaces

Making the most of a small space with raised planters can be tricky.

Building raised garden beds can sometimes take up lots of valuable space and may appear too chunky for the space.  Opposite to this is using lots of pots, which may or may not work.  Pots are great but sometimes you want a more streamlined look.  This is where I tend to go for steel planter boxes and cylinders.

These can be manufactured to whatever size I want and, are relatively simple to make and install.

Round, square, rectangles, narrow and high, short and squat to tier the garden.  Anything you fancy.

Colours can be bright and showy, subdued and muted, it’s flexible, using a wide range of powder coat colours, or, Cor Ten steel for a more organic look.

These are 3 vastly different projects we have worked on recently;

a narrow bluestone terrace in a new build,  a modern townhouse and a native garden with a lovely new paved terrace overlooking the garden, all dotted around Melbourne.