Brunswick Courtyard

Our latest courtyard has just been planted. This is an infill development in Brunswick

just off Lygon Street. The only outdoor space was an old expanse of concrete which we did not want to remove, it was the old driveway with access from the laneway, now it’s the front entrance and courtyard for this inner city apartment. We built on top of concrete and left the car parking space in tact. This kept the costs down and the wastage. The courtyard is a great example of owning where you live. There was no way of screening out the neighbouring buildings, this apartment is right in the thick of it, a tram bell back from Lygon Street. It will be an edible and native garden with a deck to catch the summer sun. The planter boxes will create a more substantial garden than what could be achieved with pots. The lower garden bed will have a mix of natives with chamomile for the dog to lay in the sun. The mesh screens will eventually become a green wall with Hardenbergia to reflect the blue tones in the building, and passionfruit. Can’t wait for Spring…….IMG_0782 IMG_1357 IMG_0784 IMG_1355 IMG_1354Its dog friendly and edible!