West Brunswick Courtyard

After East pave & deck

This West Brunswick courtyard has been transformed into an attractive outdoor space.  We started with a very drab narrow space that was really only used to get to and from the garage and the clothesline.  Anyone familar with the classic 70’s and 80’s villa units will be familar with what I call token outdoor spaces.  But, we have managed to transform this space,  the deck eliminates narrow steps down that would cut the yard in half,  the original planter box has been given a new lease of life with this gorgeous red that the client chose, it really links all the elements together.  We’ve made the most of the vertical space; espalier citrus, clumping bamboo and vertical screens for herbs and greens.  The pergola really adds depth and completes the picture.

Vertical pots for herbs and greens


After Deck
After West Pergola
Before West Pergola
Before Deck & Pave
Before Deck