Winter vegie planting

The first saturday in July so have been on The Good Earth with Mike O’Connell, 3WBC talking about winter vegie gardens.
Once again selling broad beans as a star crop. Why? Because they’re so easy to grow for great results, and not just the eating. These are a really simple crop that look great over winter, filling gaps in the garden that may otherwise look quite bare. Just head out to your local nursery or seed seller, buy the seeds and a bag of compost (because you should always feed the soil if you want good results). Spread the compost as a thin layer, 1 bag per square metre is good, cultivate in lightly, plant the seeds about a finger depth, and water.
Mike tells me the birds got to his so you might want to protect with netting, or a scarecrow or old CDs on string also deter the blighters.
Come spring when you are ready to harvest cut the plants off at the base, leave the roots in the ground because there’s lots of good nitrogen down there. Then you will be ready to plant out summer greens in the same patch and use up some of that nitrogen.
Rug up, put on a beanie and get moving out there, the cold will disappear in no time.