spring colour

Here is an option for a small tree with gorgeous Spring colour.  Lilac’s would normally be considered a large shrub however when it comes to gardens in small spaces we need to think about more than the usual suspects.  When I talk about small trees, it’s all relative.  A small garden needs a tree in scale with the garden.  So in order to create a canopy that doesn’t enclose the entire space and make the garden feel even smaller, a ‘tree’ that grows to 2-3 mt is perfect.

And, those flowers.  Not only are they delightful to look at but are fragrant too. IMG_1775At the moment we are doing a garden in East Brunswick and we’ll be planting a row of lilac with a seat in front.  Client will be able to admire their vegetable garden and feel the warmth of the sun on their backs. Nice.

May large shrubs can be trained into small trees with some formative pruning.  This might sound technical but it isn’t really, you just need some good advice on how to prune or get a professional to do it for you.