Low water, low maintenance

A new suburban house on a narrow block. Our client requested an extremely low maintenance and low / no water garden that provided use of their limited north facing outdoor space. The solution was to use exposed aggregate concrete paving with minimalist planting to soften the expanse.

The front garden becomes a practical off street car parking space with screened area for bin storage. Small garden beds and planters soften the overall look.

The north facing deck – this area had an existing pergola and deck but access and use were limited by the positioning of the posts and the depth of the deck. The aim was to increase the sense of space so that the area could be used as a courtyard/entertainment area. We achieved this by reinforcing the construction of the pergola which allowed for the posts to be repositioned, the deck was extended out to the north boundary. Cut outs in the deck and adjacent concrete allow for minimal planting of Dianella and Cordyline. The Cordyline palms will eventually provide a small canopy over the deck area.