Inner West Courtyard – Raised Garden Beds

Exciting times.  A client emailed me in late August 2012 with some very stark photo’s of her courtyard.  A small apartment with a concrete courtyard.   We needed to change the space into a garden! Easy;  limited access through the apartment, 520 wide door access, no bare earth. We prepared a layout to scale, with a sketch elevation, so Nic could interpret what the view would be from inside. The result is a work in progress.  We have installed freestanding raised garden beds, incorporating some much needed outdoor storage space.  The garden beds have enough soil depth to create a a substantial garden with a good sized canopy, over a very hot north west aspect. As you can see from the pics, we have put in a layer of scoria for drainage, the bulk of the soil is in.  Now we are just waiting for the soil to settle, then in Autumn this will be topped up and the planting completed.  Watch this space! …. autumn 2014, the garden has had a year to develop, the lower layers and looking good, and the trees are starting to take shape.  Lemon’s are being espalliered along the fence with Crepe Myrtles in front to provide a canopy.