This is a classic 1960’s flat.  It is a small space both inside and out.  These shots were taken immediately after the landscaping and planting.

This style of flat is very common to Melbourne and experienced a resurgence in popularity in the 80’s when many were refurbished and the common land was sold off and formed new courtyards for the ground floor flats.  A very fortunate evolution for this building style.

Our client asked us to create a garden that gave a nice view from inside, some privacy from the street, and was dog friendly.   In response we have created a very small lawn centred around the existing birch tree and step stones through the garden to where there will be room for a small cafe setting.  The planting theme is tropical, the block is south east, so lot’s of morning sun.  The clumping bamboo creates a lush feeling with minimal planting, step stones create a path with no harsh lines, the gaps will be filled with ground cover plants that will form a mat of green. And, of course the dog kennel nestles into the garden where Zara has a prime view of the living room.

This was a great makeover for an inner city courtyard, it is functional, creates a great view from inside and an outdoor room to add to the living space.  And, it’s dog friendly.

Dog kennel nestles in nicely.
before the dog kennel
After planting (looking right)