Client emailed this weekwanting to know what to do now in their small vegie plot.  This is a raised tank bed with about 1.5m2 of surface are to plant.  In this small space it’s hard to practice strict crop rotation, as we tend to have a bit of everything.  Here’s my advice I sent through;

‘You should clear all old vegetation out, replenish soil with worm castings and maybe a bag of ‘Black Gold’ compost (can get it when you pick up your seedlings). Work it all through before planting.

Options to plant;

Broad Beans – sow seed direct maybe along the back of the bed.

Red Onions
Brown Onions
English Spinach

Coming up (June)
Potatoes (could do separate large tub, buy seed potatoes at nursery) I’m putting some in now because I’m impatient, will do another lot in late July/August.
Garlic (at winter solstice)’

Earlier post:

IMG_0102Here is a garden I have been keen to show.  A couple in Brunswick are renting, have a typical ‘Brunswick courtyard’ = concrete!   The brief was to create a vegetable garden that was dog proof and transportable for when they move on to another home.

The solution was to use a raised bed, this one is galvanised iron.  We filled it with soil in various stages and have planted a vegie garden that will feed these 2 througout summer; tomatoes, peas & beans on the bamboo frame, chives, oregano, beetroot (for salad leaves and the actual beet), thyme, various salad greens, the list goes on.  They were harvesting for salads within six weeks of planting and the bed has proved to be dog proof, or more specifically ‘Chester’ proof!