Monday morning at Small Spaces

I have had a busy start to the week. Dropped into a lovely art deco apartment in Kooyong this morning for an early morning consulation.

It was a very small space, a 2×3 metre balcony, south facing. A nice view across the street but lot’s of traffic and people to wave to! Client needs to make this a little more private, so that they can utilise this outdoor room.

I drew up a quick sketch for the consultation. We are using the client’s Cumquat’s and adding in Phyllostachys nigra. This is black bamboo that we only ever use in pots or troughs, in this instance I’ve recommended planting out into wicking beds. There is no tap or irrigation available on the balcony and the client tends to be away for extended periods. Wicking beds are great in this situation as it reduces the frequency of having to water the plants. For bamboo on a balcony this is essential.

A simple but good fix for this Melbourne balcony garden. Bench & cube seating, bamboo in wicking beds, Cumquats and lighting, and a new outdoor room…. a small Melbourne garden.