Small Spaces Garden Design specialises in designs for residential properties; front garden, back garden, home vegetable garden, vertical walls, courtyards.

We can create designs to suit your style, and offer practical planting solutions that are sustainable and water wise.

We offer a complete design service and are able to work to different stages, depending on your requirements. Our services include :

Horticultural Consultation

We can discuss ideas for your garden and offer suggestions or take a brief to prepare a layout for your garden. We have extensive experience designing gardens that work, your design will fit your requirements, whether it be child friendly, dog friendly, a home vegetable garden or just somewhere to enjoy being outside, or, a front garden to wow the street.

Garden Plan

A hand drawn plan to scale.

The garden plan will show all areas of the garden including practical elements, hard surfaces, soft landscaping with an indication of type of plants, ie. Evergreen or deciduous trees, shrub beds, perennial beds etc.

Planting Schedule

A detailed plan showing individual plant species, actual placement and mature size of plants. We have lived and worked through 10 years of drought. Our gardens always feature sustainable planting.

Working Drawings

Detailed information on which quotations can be based. You can do it yourself, brief you own contractors, or you can employ Small Spaces to manage the project for you.

Site Supervision

Small Spaces can oversee the entire project for you using our own trusted contractors.


The level of maintenance required to ensure your garden reaches its full potential, is taken into consideration from the start of the design process.

You may choose to look after your garden yourself, however, if your time and/or knowledge is limited, then we can take care of it for you. This may require just a seasonal visit by us, or perhaps a more regular maintenance cycle.

Town Planning applications

Small Spaces can provide landscape plans with a strong focus on indigenous and dry tolerant species for your project.

Contact us to talk about how we can help you make the most of your small space.