On the grape vine in Coburg

How to quickly green up a small garden with a summer canopy.

Ok, so maybe this isn’t an Instagram or Pinterest quality pic but it’s a real garden, spot the flex tie holding the vine up! It’s from my own Melbourne garden, out in the northern burb of Coburg. I just love how the Autumn sun is shining through.

I took this pic to show a client how much cover she can expect over her new pergola. She has a townhouse with a front garden courtyard that faces west. We can’t put any elaborate structures in, so to create a canopy which will enclose the space, for privacy and sun protection, we are going to build a very simple pergola with tensionsed wire.

The vine will give good cover over summer and into Autumn, and then it can be cut back to let the winter sunshine in. Perfect for a small Melbourne garden.