Brunswick Courtyard



A courtyard we have just finished working on in Brunswick.  This was a very simple makeover.  The front garden is around 5mt wide by 2.5mt deep and was made up of a very narrow verandah with room for the bins and a ‘garden’ that didn’t really add any benefit to the property.  Our solution, pave the entire area, with the exception of a some small narrow beds to make vertical walls.  This area has been transformed into a small courtyard which gives our client a second outdoor space in their Brunswick townhouse, where they can now sit and enjoy the morning sun streaming in.  The fences will soon be covered by Chinese Star Jasmine which will enclose the courtyard from the street.
We also worked on the back courtyard for this property.  These pics looks fairly bare at the moment however the mesh will soon by covered in climbers to green up the fences.  It’s a simple solution to maximise the space in this little patch of Brunswick.

BlairFront - 1BlairBack - 1