West Brunswick Courtyard

This West Brunswick courtyard has been transformed into an attractive outdoor space.  We started with a very drab narrow space that was really only used to get to and from the garage and the clothesline.  Anyone familar with the classic 70’s and 80’s villa units will be familar with what I call token outdoor spaces. […] Read More

Vegetables and other edibles in Thornbury

This is a garden we installed in Thornbury last spring.  Have just been back recently for a visit to see how it is all progressing.  Our client wanted to reclaim their unused lawn in the front garden.  It was a perfect spot for growing vegetables and other edibles with lots of north light.  We’ve included […] Read More

High Life Expo this weekend

High Life Expo this weekend

High Life Expo is on in Melbourne this weekend.  Drop in to the Melbourne Town Hall on Saturday 12-5pm and say hi. Small Spaces will be there chatting about how to create your green space.  Whether you have a balcony, a terrace, or a small courtyard, there is always a way to make it green. […] Read More