A garden in Northcote and bike storage to go.

A garden to grow food in, with native flowers, bike storage and somewhere to sit

Here’s a garden we have been working on for quite a while.  The garden was in need of an update to change with the household.

The play area has been outgrown, the household bikes needed some proper storage (instead of hanging around on the back deck), and, the car parking area was a source of constant frustration to manage the weeds.

So, we designed the garden to include bike storage, car parking with protection from the hot summer sun, a solid path from the bikes and car to the house, and a new casual sitting area in amongst a native indigenous garden.

The bones of this garden remained the same, there is roller door access via a classic Melbourne bluestone lane, a raised vegetable garden that works, a large open space that may once have been lawn but has since had soft fall and playground equipment in place, a deck area straight off the house that was used more for storage than to sit on. We worked with this and added a few bits and pieces.

Now we have a dedicated bike storage area, which is basically an open structure that sits as a back drop to the garden.  The car parking space is now covered in sustainable reclaimed Cuppressus macrocarpa being sourced from around Victoria.  This car port acts as a support structure for Kiwi fruit vines, a male and a female of course!  The vines will add some much needed shade in summer.  The  main path leading to the house now borders a large open sitting area.   And, the deck, it’s actually used to sit on now and admire the garden!

Sunny times in Northcote.


View from the deck
Step stones and woolly thyme
somewhere to sit in amongst the flowers
A native garden in Northcote