• Garden Consultation

  • Sustainable Designs

  • Plant Schedules; Indigenous, Dry Tolerant,
    Town Planning applications


Horticultural consultation

Discuss ideas, quick sketch layout, solutions to problem areas, planting suggestions and more!


Garden plan drawn to scale – linking spaces – paved areas, pathways, garden beds.

Planting schedule

A detailed plan showing individual plant species, actual placement and mature size of plants.

Working drawings

Detailed information on which quotations can be based. Do it yourself, brief contractors, or employ Small Spaces to manage the project.

Site Supervision

Small Spaces can oversee the entire project for you using our own trusted contractors.


You may choose to look after your garden yourself, however, if your time and/or knowledge is limited, then we can take care of it for you.

Each of our designs is unique, developed to cater for the individual client’s requirements and budget.

Short on space but want a real garden? Get in touch.